Sprint 5G Exhibit Booth


To design, fabricate and produce a 50X90 branded, inviting booth space to bring 5G to life in a visually stunning way which conveyed openness. Additionally, this space needed to include a meeting area and brand partner activations.


The Solution

Since Sprint was showcasing new technology at this conference, we needed to design an environment which was future-forward in look and feel. We accomplished this goal by integrating interesting and unexpected architectural design elements throughout our space. The kiosks, overhead structure and front desk all utilized high gloss laminates with backlit plexiglass which leveraged creative lighting design for amplification.

Decorative elements such as an infinity mirror and living wall juxtaposed nature and technology in an unusual, creative way bringing the space to life. Finally, we invited guests to experience 5G via hands-on gaming stations, VR and a facial recognition experience. Our well-versed Brand Ambassadors were supplemented with Pepper: A helpful, multi-lingual humanoid robot who transforms customer engagement experience through real-time interactions and learning.


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