T-Mobile For Business 5G MWC Booth

The Ask

T Mobile asked Fresh Wata to create a space where their technology sponsors could showcase their product in interactive ways, while keeping the space open and inviting.  The booth required an area for larger presentations as well as private meeting spaces. The theme was Formula 1 inspired to showcase the speed of T-Mobile’s 5G network.

The Solution

We created a space that convey’s motion and speed as are guests are guided in with a large Clear LED screen and Open Brew, where people gathered to discuss what they have experienced, have a brew, and have a good overview of the entirety of the booth’s spaces.  The presentation area was open format for all guests to watch from within the booth. Modular seating cubes shuffled based on the presenter. Custom sponsor demos and innovation labs surrounded the perimeter as well as a private meeting room.  Bold colors, more masculine to play off the speed theme. graphic racing elements made the space feel bold and high tech, with several lounges throughout.  Automotive signage hung above the booth that could be seen anywhere throughout the convention floor. The booth had plenty of T-Mobile swag as exhibitors were gifted custom pit crew hats and magenta f1 collectable cars.

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